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             Danish Cooking / Recipes

Want to try out some traditional Danish recipes yourself? Here are some of our members finest suggetions:

  • Æbleskiver (a pancake-like dessert)

  • Flæskesteg (pork roast)

  • Leverpostej (pork pate)

  • Medisterpølse (pork sausage)

  • Lagkage (layer cake)

  • Rugbrød (dark rye bread)

Local Places with a Scandinavian Flaire

Craving for something Scandinavian to eat, here are some places you might like to check out:



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Danish News Publications

Danish-related news in the US:

Keep up with what's going on

in Denmark:

Other Bay Area Clubs

The Bay Area has a large Danish community!

Here are some of the bigger social clubs:

Official Business

Need a new passport, would like to become a Danish Citizenship (again) or get a business contact established?

                Danish / Scandinavian Education in the Bay Area

Looking for language courses for adults, or education for your children, have a look  here:




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